▷4 Items To Avoid Flushing Down The Toilet In National City

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▷4 Items To Avoid Flushing Down The Toilet In National City

4 Items To Avoid Flushing Down The Toilet In National City

4 Items To Avoid Flushing Down The Toilet In National City

Toilet clogs may indicate a plumbing issue, but they may also be caused by the incorrect materials being flushed down the toilet repeatedly and creating issues. Local septic systems, bigger sewage systems, and a variety of other plumbing problems can also be brought on by the defective materials.

Just use the toilet for waste and toilet paper if there’s one simple guideline to remember. Nothing else exists. Here are the top things in your home to cease flushing and why, if you want to be more specific. Below, we’ll also provide some advice on how to fix a commode that is obstinately clogged.

  1. Cotton-Based Materials

Cotton does not initially seem like the kind of substance that should be disposed of in the toilet. However, other possible cotton offenders, such as Q-tips and cotton balls used for grooming, are frequently discovered in restrooms.

  1. Baby Wipes And Diapers

You should never, ever flush disposable diapers down the commode because they smell bad and are a hassle to handle. They are large, clumsy objects that can grow after soaking up a lot of water and create significant blockages. In order to get rid of them, expensive specialized services are required because they still don’t decompose correctly in pipes or septic systems.

  1. Other Hygiene Products Of Any Kind

It is never a good idea to flush hygiene products down the commode. When using wipes of any kind, as we’ve already mentioned, don’t discard them. The same group also includes bandages, disposable contacts, and dental floss. Similarly, avoid flushing feminine products like pads and tampons.

  1. Tissues Or Paper Towels

Although they feel similar to toilet paper, paper towels and tissues act differently when flushed. Think about the promotions for long-lasting paper towels, which are just ready to clog a good toilet.


What Things Should You Not Flush Down The Toilet?

  • Bandages and bandage wrappings.
  • Cleaning wipes of any kind.
  • Condoms.
  • Contact lenses.
  • Cotton balls and swabs.
  • Dental floss.
  • Disposable diapers.

What Are The Only Things That Should Be Flushed Down The Toilet?

Only two things are safe to flush down any toilet:

  • Body waste. Any natural waste that comes out of your body is safe to flush. 
  • Toilet paper. Toilet paper is safe for your plumbing and septic system because it’s designed to dissolve fast and not cause stoppages or backups.

Why You Should Not Flush Food Down The Toilet?

The pipes that allow waste to leave the toilet are too small to handle food and can lead to clogging or sewage backups. Toilet clogs due to food waste also often occur because it does not break down as quickly or easily as human waste.

It’s time to call in a professional like ABE Plumbing to help you with professional equipment like drain snakes/drills to locate the source of the problem if your toilet is extremely clogged and your plunger isn’t working.


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