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When National City rains, have you noticed a leak on your balcony? Have you tried a number of techniques to seal your balcony but it is still leaking? You surely think about other options and worry about the cost when fixing the balcony. You shouldn’t worry, though, because ABE Plumbing Leak Detection has you covered. We have repaired hundreds of balcony leaks, especially on the top floor where they frequently flow down. It could be upsetting for a homeowner, therefore in this section we’ll provide some advice on how to address balcony leaks. Contact us right now for a free, no-obligation estimate on balcony leak detection in National City. 

Why Do Upstairs Balconies Leak?

The majority of balconies are composed of wood, which is then covered in a waterproof membrane and then tiled or covered in stone, which is normally not a good choice due to their hardness. When the timber sags and the tile and grout begin to crack, the waterproofing is put in danger. As a result, water seeps underneath these places and into the home’s interior. 

Here Are Three Money-Saving Steps You Must Take To Get To The Bottom Of Your Balcony Leaks:

  • To begin, try to locate the leaks.
  • Then, underneath the leaking balcony, open up the water-damaged ceiling.
  • Repair this and conduct another leak test before covering the ceiling.

Waterproofing Your Balcony, Several Options

In order to prevent leaks, tiled and stone balconies should be waterproofed. It can conceal leaks up to 100% of the time. This makes the wood’s contraction and expansion easier. Waterproofing protects the house from water damage because it is made of wood.

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