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Sewage Ejection Pumps

If one of your plumbing fixtures is located below the main sewer line, an ejector pump is necessary. Ejection pumps are used to elevate waste water so that it can properly flow out and down. They work by sucking water from the toilet or other plumbing fixtures up into a holding tank, where it is then propelled through pipes and out of the house. They do this by using air pressure to create suction. The pump-up ejector system is designed to be used with gravity-fed systems when fixtures are located below the level of the main sewer line. This technique will not work in homes with pressurized sewage pipes that do not rely on gravity to transport trash away from them.

What Is a Sewage Ejector Pump?

Similar to a groundwater sump pump, a sewage ejector pump lifts waste and sewage and dumps it into the main sewer lines or septic field rather than pumping away rainwater seepage from the home. Sewage ejector pumps are used when there is no other way to remove wastewater from an area. This category includes houses without connection to public sewers or houses that are too high to allow gravity-fed systems to function properly.

Ejector pumps are most typically used in homes with basement laundries or stalls. Ejector pumps are typically used when the municipal sewer lines going to the street are higher than the fixture. To guarantee proper flow, they are in charge of pumping both liquids and sediments into the sewer pipe. Ejector pumps are also rather common in septic drain-fields, especially in rural regions where the holding tank or septic drainage field may be much higher than basement plumbing connections.

Sewage ejector pumps are intended to be installed in an underground sump basin that has been dug out and cut into. For a house of typical size, this sump basin can typically hold and collect 30 gallons of waste. When the level of wastewater in the sump basin reaches a predetermined height and the drain lines from the various fixtures in the basement area slope downward into the side of the sump basin, the sewage ejector pump is activated. The effluent is then forced out of the basin and up to your sewer or septic line. Once this level is reached, your water pressure will drop, which means your drains won’t clog any longer.

System Requirements

Ejector pumps are used to remove wastewater from the sump basin of a septic tank. They are either connected to an existing vent (soil) stack or run up and through the roof. The 3-inch main sewer line that the sewage ejector pump attaches to normally has a 2-inch-diameter exit pipe. After wastewater has been pumped out, there is always a check valve between the pump outlet point and the intersection with the main sewage line to make sure nothing runs back into it. When installing an ejector pump, be careful to choose high quality components for your safety and piece of mind.

Planning Considerations

Before starting any projects that need the installation of a sewage ejector pump, it is imperative to get in touch with your local building department. Various communities could have different plumbing, building, and permission requirements. Any work involving septic or sewer systems normally needs a permit, and for good reason—inadequate installation could result poor major disasters. Make sure you are informed of the legal prerequisites for installing a sewage ejector pump before you begin. Get a price from a licensed plumber before deciding to handle this project on your own. Plumbing work of this complexity is involved.

Ejector pumps are used in a wide range of businesses, including those related to commercial structures, hospitals, schools, restaurants, and more. In addition, specialists like electricians or carpenters who understand how to install pipes effectively without harming them can install them if the homeowner has some expertise working on their own plumbing system. Installers are normally licensed plumbers with expertise in wastewater systems, although they can also be homeowners with some knowledge of plumbing systems in general.

A correctly operating sewage ejector pump will protect groundwater sources from pollution caused by improperly disposed waste water, which could make you sick if you consume untreated water containing bacteria like salmonella or e coli. In addition to keeping your home’s water clean. Ejector pumps are designed for usage at home and in small businesses. They are not intended for heavy-duty industrial applications or large basins requiring more than 3/4 horsepower of pumping capacity. Instead, if your basin is larger and contains more liquid, we suggest adding an electric submersible pump.

Sewage ejector pumps are offered by regional home improvement companies, online merchants, and plumbing supply stores. Commercial usage are also feasible, although they require a sump basin that is much larger. Depending on the required size and the extras desired, such as an installation kit or a lengthy power chord, the price of the kits typically ranges from $400 to roughly $1,000. Choose high-quality, appropriately sized equipment, though—you don’t want to have to fix this installation!

However, we have what you need whether you need an ejector pump system for your home or place of business. No matter your financial situation, you may get our premium products at affordable prices. In addition, our customer service team is always available to answer any questions on how to set up and maintain our products! So don’t hesitate and get in touch with us right away!

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