Disaster Response Cleanup

We’re not like most disaster response organizations. We have our tools at our disposal. Both portable emergency power generators and a sizable quantity of commercial water drying equipment are among them. As a result, we can respond faster than companies that must organize their tools. Our personnel is also completely qualified and authorized to handle any restoration job you need in National City. Our customers often avoid any catastrophic reaction time delays that are customary with other firms due to the manpower and equipment limits of subcontractors. We provide disaster relief services in National City with our lightning-fast response time and swift employee arrival to your residence. We have offered emergency services in the following serious circumstances over the years:

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ABE Plumbing is equipped to handle various big losses. We have a county-wide catastrophe response staff that is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to deal with insurance adjusters, flood cleanup companies, and commercial/government clients. Our disaster response specialists will collaborate with adjusters, project managers, and customer service representatives to create a site-specific, insurance-approved opportunity for work that addresses the affected construction materials, contents, and employee exposure in order to minimize the harm to your business, owner liabilities, and overall financial impact of the loss.

  • 24/7 Emergency Services
  • 1hr Response
  • Insurance Approved
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Hospital Services

The damage response team from ABE Plumbing is skilled at reducing danger and limiting responsibility in healthcare facilities after wind or water damage. Repairing and cleaning up a medical institution might be helped by our best specialists. This includes environmental cleansing and sterilisation, business continuity, and infection management.

Microbial Testing

Attempts at rehabilitation fall short when there is water damage. Analyzing the microbial population is an essential part of assessing water damage. A short post-mold remediation check can assist our staff accurately assess the damage and recommend the best course of action for the client.

Risk Assessment

ABE Plumbing professionals and ecologically aware contractors will conduct a thorough inspection of your property and its construction to find structural and ecological issues. Let’s assume that the evaluation identifies any problem areas. In that case, we will take the required steps to lessen the overall impact of all threats while swiftly repairing the affected areas, reducing the risk and legal duty.

Water Damage

ABE Plumbing will work with you to determine the type of water, the precise areas affected, and any potential health issues in the event of a water loss. Our disaster response specialists will outline the scope of work needed for flood cleanup and water damage restoration if written protocols are required.

We Are IIRC Certified & Fully Licensed & Insured

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